Paul’s highly personal and experiential work focuses on marginalised communities, the working class, and the effects of austerity through the use of analogue formats in still and moving image.

In 2018 he was one of 100 winners of The British Journal of Photography’s ‘Portrait of Britain’ prize and was exhibited nationwide.

His film ‘Mirrors’, a seven year effort supported by BFI Doc Society, premiered in the International Short Competition at this year’s Sheffield DocFest.

Based in Coventry, U.K.



Working with 16mm film is an integral part of my practice, so I am offering my technical knowledge and experience to the next generation of filmmakers.

My workshop will cover the following:

- Loading and unloading the Bolex H16 camera

- Technical specifications of the camera such as frame rates, variable shutter, and their effect on the image

- Film emulsions and their differences

- How to use a light meter
- How to measure light correctly (interior/exterior scenarios)

- Lens focussing & options

- Post production workflow, such as how to film out a Kodak Spec Sheet correctly

- Useful tips in the field
- Safe practice

Not only is this a technical & practical course, but a creative one. As each student will come to the course with an idea of how to use the format, each will be given bespoke tutoring for their specific needs and/or project.

This course is designed for undergraduate level and above, 1-6 students, and can run between 1-2 hours total.

By the end of the course, each student will be capable of safely and correctly operating the Bolex H16 cine camera, leaving with a PDF outlining the course details.

Please get in contact to discuss a quote.