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Mirror with a Memory

Artist Moving Image
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Impermanence in motion. “Mirror With A Memory” is a filmic and photographic study of a disappearing England as we experience a transitional period in history, as seen through the eyes of the last non-digital generation.

Over the last three years I have travelled throughout the country documenting trades, traditions, cultures and ways of living that are under threat of discontinuation.

The film is also one of personal reflection living in this country. This will be presented through private, public and familial vignettes.

Shot exclusively on 16mm and 120mm Kodak film, the project will culminate in an exhibition with 
live score. 

Work in progress screened at The Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester.

Scored by Dean Jones and Kevan Hardman.
Funded by The Chalk Cliff Trust and Video 



Short Film

Living in isolation, Beckett struggles to find direction in his life in the wake of becoming a father. Finding no solace in his religious faith, he acts to change his ways and faces the family he has neglected.

Shot on 16mm, “Beckett” is a fictional filmic portrait centred on inhibited masculine emotion and the personal and physical effects of this.

Premiered at London Short Film Festival 2018.

Produced by Delaval Film.
Contact for private link.

Expired England

2008 - 2011

A collection of photographs taken during the early years of my practice throughout England, all on expired 35mm film.

Prints available, please enquire.

About me

I am a Filmmaker and Photographer based in London, UK.

This year two of my photographs have been shortlisted for The British Journal of Photography’s Portrait of Brtiain prize. They will be among 200 other photographs in a book published by Hoxton Mini Press that will be available worldwide. 

My short film Beckett” is now on its festival run. I am currently working on personal project “Mirror With A Memory”.

Please get in touch if you would like to collaborate on a project or commission me.

+44 7904310755