With a changing British landscape at the forefront of Paul’s highly personal and experiential work, he focuses on marginalised communities, cultural trades and traditions, the working class, and the effects of austerity through the use of analogue formats in still and moving image.

In 2018 he was one of 100 winners of The British Journal of Photography’s ‘Portrait of Britain’ prize and was exhibited nationwide.

Having recently finished a HOME Manchester commissioned film, Paul is currently working towards finishing his personal project ‘Mirror with a Memory’ as well as seeking new commissions and collaborations.

Based in Coventry, U.K.



Artist Moving Image | 16mm | 4:3

‘Mirror with a Memory’ is a filmic and photographic record of trades, traditions, cultures, living spaces and acts of protest in England as we experience a transitional period in history.

The film will take the form of a visual diary, poetically navigating the director’s journey throughout the country and their interactions with a wide range of individuals and communities. The Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown will also be a part of this ongoing historic narrative.

Shot exclusively on 16mm and 120mm film, the project will culminate in an exhibition and limited photobook.

Director & Cinematographer - Paul Daly
Producer - Jacqui Davies
Editor - Adam Biskupski
Composers - Dean Jones and Kevan Hardman
Type and Book Design - Jack Kimberley

Funded by BFI Doc Society, The Chalk Cliff Trust, Oppenheim-John Downes Memorial Trust, The Eaton Fund, and Video Jam

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Artist Moving Image | 16mm | 4:3

A series of five domestic vignettes that draw from the artist’s experiences and memories of growing up working-class in Britain. Each individual, moving portrait is a sensitive and at times surreal exploration that walks a fine line between documentary truth and poetic interpretation.

Director, Writer, Camera - Paul Daly
Producer - Scout Stuart
Art Department - Eilis Healy
Sound Design - Dean Jones

Subjects - Svenja Buehl, Yandass Ndlovu, Zachary Chattaway, Frances Higginson, Marly Greasley

Commissioned by HOME Manchester

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Artist Moving Image | 16mm | 4:3

Living in isolation, Beckett struggles to find direction in his life. He acts to change his ways and faces the family he has neglected.

The film centres on masculine silence and emotional inhibitions, exploring the personal and physical effects of this.

This is underlined by the artist’s personal reflections stated as subtitles, enabling the viewer to silently echo these thoughts. 

Premiered at London Short Film Festival 2018

Screened at British Shorts Festival Berlin, South London Shorts and HOME Manchester

Director, Writer, Camera - Paul Daly
Production - Delaval Film
Sound Design - Chris Fisher
Colourist - Ruth Wardell
Art Department - Eilis Healy

Beckett - Lee Beckett
Woman - Cara Williams
Son - Harry McRoy

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